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About ERE
The founders of ERE Energy Group are seasoned entrepreneurs and huge advocate of Sustainable Development. Bringing their experiences from running their family businesses, they aim to establish ERE as a market leader of Renewable Energy in the Asia Pacific region. Our LP are investors from Singapore, China, Europe, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan and other family offices. ERE Group adopts multi-faceted investment strategy, covering medical fund, energy fund, AI and other fields, and also has reached friendly cooperative strategic investment relationship with many world-class energy groups.
Business Area
Integrated Energy Storage System
Renewable Energy O&M
Distributed PV Power Station
Surface PV Power Station
Wind Power Station
Usually refers to large grid-connected photovoltaic power stations, are generally national power stations, the main characteristics is to directly transfer the power generated to the power grid, and the power grid allocates power to users in a unified manner.
Renewable Energy Generation is based on natural conditions which might not be a total fit for the sophisticated energy users. An integrated energy storage system, comprises of Smart Battery Arrays, Sensors and AI programming, allows for the optimum usage and storage of energy base on unique site usage.
Mainly consists of energy conversion device, energy storage device, control system and so on. Wind is renewable energy, no pollution and has broad application prospects.
Intelligent centralized operation and maintenance services to keep the energy system at its potential peak capacity, to allow for predictive maintenance and the optimum long term energy output.
Refers to a power generation system with a small installed scale and located near users, utilizing distributed resources.
Energy Management Soulutions
Enterprise-level Solutions
Renewable Energy Solutions